About us

Hello and Thank You so much for believing and trusting in us to be your new and dedicated Store Front. We are Collective You and we specialize in all things about you for you, which has not just items to sell but ideas. All item we sell will always be inspected and packed with care because we understand the value of YOU. We know you as an individual can go and purchase anywhere but you chose us and for that we Thank You and Mandy Bautista Owner/ Operatorhope you stay connected with us....Collectively we are here for you to serve you.....Thank YOU

So let's gather up more information about us.

  • We are located in Houston Texas
  • We have been in business long enough to understand items don't sell, Trust does.
  • Contact us at our personal phone line at (713)417-2131 or (832)922-3299
  • email us at allenbautista007@yahoo.com or mandybautista79@gmail.com


    Hi, and thank you for taking the time to shop with US. We aren't a huge multi-francised store that's all about profit and no personal appeal. Our Store is about you and what we can do make your life alittle easier. You won't find outragious pricing or eye gauging selling points. We want you to come back and tell others, put us on your bookmarker and share us on your social sites thats what we are interested in doing. OUR plan is simple, make people happy and give great service. 

    Collective You is about giving you the best products at the most reasonable price. Our Store is about "YOU" collectively about giving you an idea then a vision through products that make your life easier..Collective You is about style married with common sense.

    We believe in our products which are hand picked for true use in today's ever moving extremely fast paced world.  

    We want to make life easier on "YOU" all of you "COLLECTIVELY YOU"

    So look around and please email us with questions about what you see or what you don't. We are here to build trust because we understand its about you....

    Please stay in touch by leaving your email with us in order to send you our best and newest products on the market. Again shop Collective You and thank you for your business....